Your Site Content

Well, just like any website, your content needs to be driven to convince potential clients you are the law firm for their case: no exceptions! There are, of course web development companies out there who offer content generation services, however, in today’s economy, it’s best to at least try and save some money…this is a perfect example! Just follow the 5 W’s you learned in grade school:


It would be nice if your website visitors knew who’s page they were checking out. Not only should this be stated on your homepage, but it would be nice to have an, ‘About Us’ page with a short paragraph about all the attorneys who work at your firm (or, just some more information about you). It might even be a good idea to detail some of your success stories to give the potential client a sense that you are not incompetent.


What specializations does your firm have and which cases do you normally take? If someone is looking for a DUI Attorney but you mainly deal with Domestic Violence cases, then there’s really no point for them to be on your website. Be as specific as possible! The more ambiguous your website is, the more time you and your potential client will be wasting when they needlessly contact you.

Helpful Hint: This is a great section to have videos of you talking about each type of case you work with.


When can the potential client contact you? Even if your site is awesome in every way, it’s kind of pointless for the client to be interested in your firm when they can’t even contact you.


Also, where are you located? After they make that phone call and setup a meeting, what if they forget the address you told them over the phone? This goes back to the wasting everyone’s time…if they are late because they can’t find you, you’re sitting there wondering, “What the hell?”


Perhaps the most important question which is imperative for you to answer on your web page. Why do they need to have you as their lawyer? With the increasing demand for lawyers and the vast availability of law firms, you need to stand out among the others. Don’t suggest why they might need to have you as their lawyer…Tell them why! Stand up for yourself and your firm and don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind. Step up to the plate and play ball.