Step 1: Your Website

Where Do I Get Hosting?

First and foremost, you need to have a web-presence. Having either a blog or a website is imperative to the success in lawyer internet marketing. First, you should have your own domain and preferably a hosting package to host your files. There are free blog and website hosting websites out there, however, it’s strongly recommended to purchase your own hosting which is extremely cheap ($3-4 per month).

First, decide what’s important for your site! How many email addresses do you want (, how many domains do you want ( and/or It’s best to choose the right web-host the first time to save yourself from more unnecessary headaches later on down the road. If you plan on having more than 5 or more email accounts, and would like the flexibility to have multiple domains bringing potential clients to your website, I would suggest going with

You’ll get 600 email accounts, 1 (included with price) domain, and the ability to add as many additional domains as you want. You’ll also get 3 separate $25 vouchers for Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and CitySearch (useful for marketing your website to potential clients).

Designing My Website

First, decide if you want to have a website or a blog. If you have no prior website development experience, it’s probably better to hire someone to make your site for you. If you don’t want to hire anyone, but you still don’t know much about web design, just install a blog. You can download the WordPress open-source (free) software by clicking here. Instructions on how to install are included on that website.

Under Construction Pages

Don’t do this. As soon as your domain is active and your website template is online, put a brief summary of your business on the homepage. Avoid, “Under Construction Pages” at all costs! I would love to go through all the steps to getting your website setup, but that would take pages upon pages of explanation. I’m assuming you can at least find someone to make your site for you if you don’t already have an idea (After all, you are a lawyer…not a website designer).

Other Notes:

Keep in mind, owning a business requires spending money for services – however, all these costs can be defined as business expenses. My advice is to hire a professional to create a website for you. The services offered by iLawyerMarketing perfectly fit any law firm website’s needs.