Step 4: Video Production

You know those compelling commercials shown on today’s television broadcasts that probably cost hundred and thousands of dollars to create and show on the air?  Well…those are undoubtedly helpful for your local area, however, it’s also a great idea to have those same “commercials” elsewhere on the internet (More specifically, you’re website).

Even if you don’t have a professional video editor make your shots look fantastic, it’s always good to get a decent quality video camera to have you spit out a paragraph about your law firm.  Generally, these clips are short and pertain to only one area of expertise.  Here’s an example:

If your firm is targeted towards those who have been in an automotive accident, you should tailor a separate video for each of the following:

- Bicycle Accidents
- Car Accidents
- Motorcycle Accidents
- Recreational Accidents

In each video you should talk a little about the type of accident, short term effects, long term effects, even the life-threatening aspect of the given situation. Explain how you will assess the client’s situation to reach a ball-park estimate of a reasonable financial request to present to a jury or insurance company. The main goal for these videos is to complement the rest of your website and convince a potential client that you are the law firm they need to have represent them in their case(s).

Lawyer Marketing Video Production

If you would rather leave the production of these videos to the professionals, simply make a google, yahoo, or bing search for, ‘Video Production Services.’ Below are a couple links to websites which offer these services however, you’ll find the most convenient solutions if you search your local craigslist, yellow pages, or integrate your city name into the google, yahoo, and/or bing searches.